Council business

Welcome to Hogsthorpe Parish Council

Welcome to the web site of Hogsthorpe Parish Council 

The Council generally meets on the first Wednesday of every month, with the exception of the month of August and December

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings of the Council.

Meetings take place in the village hall and commence at 6.45pm with a "Public Forum" where the Council invites members of the public to address the Council or ask any questions. Written questions are invited in advance of the meeting, and these should be submitted via the clerk to the council.

Currently the Council does not have any committees, but members are appointed each year to represent the Council on various outside bodies -Details can be obtained from the clerk to the Council.

When resolved by the full Council in advance, small "Focus groups" are set up to represent the council or deal with specific matters.These groups are not decision making bodies but report back to the Full Council.  

WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO VACANCIES ON THE PARISH COUNCIL.  If interested please contact the clerk, Kath Hayes on 01507 490097.