8 May 2019

Minutes Of Meeting Of Hogsthorpe Playing Fields Committee  Held On Wednesday 8th May 2019



Committee: P Smith (Chairman) K Hayes (Secretary) L Wildman, E Carter, M Culley, A Green,

V Worley

Others: Sheila Cornew


1. Election Of Chairman And Secretary

PS tendered his resignation as Chairman. LW thanked him for all the work he had done in the last year.

It was proposed and unanimously accepted that VW would be Chairman for the coming year.

KH would still continue to stand as Secretary.


2. Confirmation Of Other Committee Members

P Smith, L Wildman, E Carter, M Culley and A Green


3. Report from Secretary/Treasurer

a) Balance at bank currently stands at £12402.

b) Payment of accounts have been made and approved for £1067.42 to L Wildman in repayment for purchases of electrical equipment, fitting and paint which also included £448 for the storage shed. £84.14 to Anglian Water, £173.88 to ELDC for rates and £325 for fitting of new toilets.


4. Maintenance Update

a) Electrics are now completed

b) LW is awaiting a contractor to come and screed the floor.

c) The shed has been erected and the equipment stored. Other rubbish has been dumped.

d) Kitchen is now complete. Fire extinguisher required.

e) New toilets, hand towel holders and other bathroom fittings have now been completed. A further disabled hand rail is required,

f) Children’s playpark equipment still requires painting

g) CCTV – As PS has not been able to source a supplier, he suggested that he install it himself. It was felt that this could not be approved as anything going wrong could invalidate the insurance and in addition would not be permitted under the PC standing order rules. LW/KH to look into alternative contractors.

h) The door grill requires servicing when time allows.

i) AM has wheelie bins available which she will bring for the field.

j) Agreed to scrap two of the three picnic tables and paint the one remaining until new tables were purchased.


5. Fundraising & Events

a) Village fete organisation was coming along nicely. Still need more volunteers for the day – hoping to recruit at the APCM on Friday. KH has lots of paperwork to do (risk assessments etc). Insurance cover has been checked as is in order. Next meeting 14th May at Ingleby House.

b) Car boot events – The last event was very disappointing with no sellers in all probability due to the rain in the morning.


6. Future Plans

a) KH to look into further grant funding for:-

Picnic area, barriers and kissing gate and lighting and other peripheral maintenance work.


7. Date of next meeting


Next meeting was set for 6pm on 5th June 2019.