18 March 2020 - Extraordinary Meeting

Notes of Extraordinary meeting (voting by email)


18th March 2020


Due to the uncertainty of the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus and in order to limit the risk to members of the public, elected members were emailed, and votes taken and the following was put into place.


1. Safety statement – meetings


It resolved that the Parish Council recognises and agrees that monthly meetings are cancelled for a period of three months (or as circumstances dictate). All urgent business will be undertaken by email or other appropriate electronic means with decisions taken being reported in Minutes as and when those decisions are taken.


2. Suspension of standing orders / financial regulations


It was resolved that the Parish Council gives delegated authority to the Clerk (in consultation with the Chairman and/or one other) to suspend any relevant Standing Order or Financial Regulation as necessary to ensure the smooth running and operation of the Parish Council for a period of three months (or as circumstances dictate).


3. Authority to clerk


It was resolved that delegated authority be given to the Parish Clerk (in consultation with the Chairman or one other member) to undertake day to day duties, undertake additional duties, and take decisive actions within legal constraints and with the best intentions of public safety and to promote infection control, in order to minimise the disruption to the service provision.


4. Annual general meeting / annual community meeting


It was resolved that as the cancellation of meetings has direct impact on the Annual General Meeting and Annual Community Meeting, these meetings will be suspended until further notice (or cancelled altogether should circumstances dictate) with decisions being taken by email or appropriate electronic means.


5. Orders for payment


It was resolved that the Parish Council along with those elected Members with responsibility for the authorising and signing of cheques put measures in place to maintain transparency and ensure elective business continuation with ratification by the Parish Council on payments made at the earliest and safest opportunity.


6. Planning matters



It was resolved that all planning applications or other planning matters be dealt with via email and the ELDC Planning Portal.


7. Community groups


It was resolved that the volunteer group being set up by an individual to help the vulnerable of the village affected by the pandemic be supported by the Parish Council with funding, flier production or whatever is required by them (including insurance cover). The group are registering with LRF as a properly organised group.