5 February 2020

Minutes of the Hogsthorpe Parish Council Meeting


Held on Wednesday 5th February 2020


Present: Cllrs L Wildman (Chairman) M Culley, P Smith, E Carter, M Banks, B Hornby, A Green and K Hayes (Clerk)


Also present: 6 members of the public, 1 left after public forum


Public forum


• One member of the public complained about the regularity of a nearby bird scarer. Legal allowance is 4 times per hour which is in line with the times being heard. Another resident present will look into it with the farmer concerned.

• Another member of the public asked if the speeding indication device could be put in Thames Crescent as there were regular speeders. At present the SID is not working – LW looking into this.

• Church Warden thanked the Parish Council Chairman for the tidiness of the churchyard. With regard to the new car parking area, he asked that this be discussed at a future meeting how it could be used by the public outside of funeral times.



1. Apologies – Cllr V Worley



2. Declarations of interest – None.



3. Approval of notes of meeting


It was unanimously resolved that the notes of the Meeting of 4th December 2019 be accepted as a true record of the proceedings and were duly signed by the Chairman.


4. Clerk’s report


a) Letter has been sent to Goodwin Charity stating that the allotment borehole had now been filled in and was no longer of concern concerning health & safety or insurance issues.


5. To receive reports from outside bodies & other meeting


• Cllr Banks reported that the renewal of the floor in the village hall had now been completed. The snooker room is, once again, being used.

• Students had received substantial sums of money at Christmas from Goodwin Charity and cheques were donated to some of the villagers.

• LW reported that new gates had been installed at the allotments. They hope that all the allotments will be taken when the new rents are due.


6. Correspondence


No correspondence of note.


7. Financial matters


(a) The Financial Statement showing a balance of £36514 was unanimously approved.

(b) Approval was given to purchase the publication of Arnold Baker Council Administration at a cost of £103.99 + p&p.

(c) Payment of accounts was approved for £700 to R Aldrich for church work (cheque to be held until total completion of work), £37.44 to Sid Dennis for waste disposal, £59.04 to K Hayes for expenses and £6240 to K Hayes for annual salary. Further cheques to be sent to LALC for £120 for Annual Training and to purchase booklet – see item 7(b)


8. Highways and village maintenance


Thames Restaurant have now begun work again on the extension to the front. KH to check with planning that this is within the time scale.


9. Churchyard


Most of the work of cutting back trees, pulling out of the tree root and removal of ivy has been done. There is a nominal amount of work to be finished off. Spring flowers have been planted in the area near the entrance to the public pathway gate. The Christmas tree has been removed but the large container was a problem to remove. It was suggested to the PCC that a permanent base be put down with perhaps a flagstone which could be lifted to contain the Xmas Tree. One member of the PCC objected to this unless a faculty was obtained. The church would need to apply for this.


10. Planning issues and enforcements


a) Belmont House – Clerk had talked with planning department about their change of mind in giving planning permission after it was originally turned down on flooding issues. They have sent in a report stating that they have re-assessed the area on a village by village basis instead of county wide and had come to the conclusion that this build was within the area of low flooding risk and had therefore allowed.

b) The Laurels Pond – 20 static caravans Planning permission given with 18 conditions attached.


11. Newsletter


Newsletter is being put together and is awaiting further articles.


12. Date of next meeting


The next meeting will be held at 6.45 pm at the Village Hall on 4th March 2020.


13. AOB to note for next meeting




Meeting closed at 7.35pm