4 December 2019

Minutes of the Hogsthorpe Parish Council meeting

Held on Wednesday 4th December 2019


Present: Cllrs L Wildman (Chairman) M Culley, P Smith, E Carter, M Banks, B Hornby, V Worley and K Hayes (Clerk)


Also present: 4 members of the public


Public forum


1. Apologies – Cllr A Green



2. Declarations of interest – None.



3. Approval of notes of meeting


It was unanimously resolved that the notes of the Meeting of 6th November 2019 be accepted as a true record of the proceedings and were duly signed by the Chairman.


4. Clerk’s report


a) Goodwin Drive – although it had been reported that the whole road was breaking up, only potholes have been filled. It is anticipated that this will be as bad again in a couple of months.

b) Langham Lane has not been repaired properly and has only been pot filled – KH to take it up again.

c) St Mary’s Close exit – another small amount has been taken off the top of the hedge. Highways Services say they are now satisfied with this, even though residents in the village still think it is a dangerous exit onto a corner on the A52.


5. To receive reports from outside bodies & other meeting


Cllr Banks asked that a reply be sent to Goodwin Charities’ letter to the council concerning the health & Safety aspect and Insurance Cover with regard to the borehole which had been dug on the allotments. The barrier to the borehole was in hand and KH would check that the council insurance covered any liability.


6. Correspondence


No correspondence of note.


7. Financial matters


(a) The budget as per the discussions at the November meeting was unanimously agreed.

(b) Payment of accounts was approved for ££1234.26 to Robert Aldrich, £12.48 to Sid Dennis for churchyard waste disposal, £86 for 6 months hire of the village hall, £108.37 to Strawson’s for Christmas tree and £236.05 to Goodwin Charities for rent for allotments.


8. Highways and village maintenance


A grit bin had been delivered to the end of Langham Lane. See also notes on Clerk’s report.


9. Churchyard


The contractors have cleared the tombstones of ivy, cut back the willow tree and done everything else which was asked of them. Some shredding and clearing is still unfinished but is in progress. One or two gravestones are untidy and the chairman will be arranging for this work to be done in the spring. The Christmas tree will be installed and lit up on the 9th December. The church is trying to raise the funds to put in the parking for funerals.


10. Planning issues and enforcements


a) Belmont House – Although planning permission had been refused, another application had been submitted showing the dormer windows in the roof. It was incomprehensible that this should be allowed if the building had been refused on flooding grounds. KH to take this up with Planning Enforcement.


b) The Laurels Pond – 20 static caravans. Planning application going to Committee on the 5th December. Two councillors plus clerk to attend as observers to support the Chapel stance to refuse the application. (Since attended and the planning permission has been granted).

c) Planning permission granted for extension to 2 Mill Close.

d) The Grange, West End – change of use of land for equestrian purposes – supported.


11. Christmas village event planning


All arrangements are in hand by Jenny and Roy – volunteer help in place, raffle prizes are collected, food ordered. Coastal Breeze will be arriving at 4pm – someone to be in attendance. Re Christmas lights judging, Jenny to ring Colin Davie to make sure plans are in place.


12. Newsletter


Newsletter has been distributed to almost all villagers. The next issue will be March 2020.


13. Dates of 2020 meetings


The meeting dates for the coming year are to be published for the first Wednesday in the month with the exception of January and August. The AGM and Annual Community Meeting is to be held on Friday 15th May 2020.


14. Date of next meeting


The next meeting will be held at 6.45 pm at the Village Hall on 5th February 2020.


15. AOB to note for next meeting