4 September 2019

Minutes Of The Hogsthorpe Parish Council Meeting Held On Wednesday 4th September 2019


Present: Cllrs L Wildman (Chairman) M Culley, P Smith, E Carter, V Worley and K Hayes (Clerk)

Also present: 10 members of the public (21 for public forum)


Public Forum

Prior to the start of the meeting, members of the public had been invited to help identify properties in the village which flood during heavy rain. The Parish Council are taking up the issue with the Drainage Board, Anglian Water and LCC. All those present marked the map (although this would not show the whole of the problem as many households were not represented). It as noted that some of the properties had sewage overflow in their gardens. Bigger drains were obviously needed. One resident noted that the weir at Willoughby High which was the responsibility of the Environment Agency was not sufficient and tunnels under the roads were not cleared. The Langham Road dyke is blocked and the water did not move on the four-acre drain.


1. Apologies – Cllrs M Banks and B Hornby (both on holiday). Cllr Green gave late apologies which were not received prior to the meeting.


2. Declarations Of Interest – Cllrs Wildman and Carter – Item 12.


3. Approval Of Notes Of Meeting

It was unanimously resolved that the notes of the Meeting of 3rd July 2019 be accepted as a true record of the proceedings and were duly signed by the Chairman.


4. Clerk’s Report

• Litter picking – now down to 2 people – plea for more helpers was required.

• Speed indicators are now in place – volunteers will be needed to take registrations

• ELDC 106 agreement – £2070 in the kitty. They will require documentation before releasing the funds.


5. To Receive Reports From Outside Bodies & Other MEETING – no reports


6. Correspondence

• Email from ELDC stating that there is to be workshops on the 7th and 8th October for Town and Parish representatives with regard to a review of their Corporate Strategy. The clerk and Cllr Wildman agreed to attend on the 7th. Clerk to book accordingly.

• Email from a resident stating that she is having problems with a farming neighbour. She had been advised to take this to the police.


7. Financial Matters

(a) Payment of accounts was approved for £49.92 to Sid Dennis for churchyard waste disposal, £48.50 to ELDC for Election costs, and £1354.26 to R Aldrich for grasscutting.


8. Review Of Policies And Procedures

Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct, Risk Assessment, Health & Safety Policy, Environmental Policy Statement, Volunteer Agreement, Equal Opportunities Policy, Transparency Code, Safeguarding Policy and Data Protection Policy were all reviewed. No changes were required. The clerk noted that all these policies were now on the web site for anyone to see.


9. Highways And Village Maintenance

a) The Sea Lane sign at the end of Maiden Lane had still not been put back – clerk seems to be going around in circles with LCC and ELDC.

b) Complaints were also being received about the overgrown verges. Clerk noted that this was the responsibility of LCC Highways who only cut 1 meter from the edge on a twice a year basis.

c) Hedge at end of St Mary’s Close – LCC Highways would be taking this up legally and issuing a Section 74 notice to the owner if no action is taken


10. Churchyard

a) The Chairman, has received quotes to blitz the outstanding work (removing the roots from the laurel tree which fell at Christmas, topping of trees, cutting back ivy, etc). It was agreed to accept the best quote of £700 to get this work completed.

b) The clerk has written again to the neighbour asking that the tree leaning against the wall be cut down otherwise he will be held responsible for the cost of the repair to the wall to heritage standard.


11. Planning Issues And Enforcements

a) Development of 89 dwellings at West End is being put before the ELDC planning committee on Thursday 5th September. The clerk will be speaking on behalf of the Parish Council. All residents are invited to attend but they will not be able to put their views unless they have registered.

b) Belmont House (after a visit by the Planning Enforcement) have put in an application for the extension they are carrying out. The work being done seemed to be larger than the indicated on the plans – the clerk would make enquiries about this at Manby and let the councillors know the outcome.

c) Victoria Tavern application for a food takeout outlet has been approved with many conditions including restrictions on opening hours, fume extraction units have been installed, storage and disposal of recycling of refuse cleared with Planning, and a sign asking patrons to park considerately.

d) 3 St Mary’s Close planning application for an extension has been approved with conditions that it will be in accordance with submitted plans and that surface water and foul water will be discharged correctly.

e) The Laurels Pond – application for 36 caravans – no decision as yet.

f) New bungalow application for 14 Goodwin Drive – after looking into ownership of the green space in front of the proposed property, it was agreed that a reply of ‘support’ would be given.

g) The Nook, Thames Street – application for extension – reply of ‘support’ to be given.

h) It was also noted that Planning Application N/084/1209/19 for additional outbuilding at Chestnut Farm had been submitted but the PC had not been consulted.


12. Allotments

A further letter of complaint had been received from a neighbour to the allotments stating that the holders were noisy, dogs barking, loud music, and mowers and strimmers being used too early. Also that the public footpath had been moved and there was a ‘full chicken barn’. Other derogatory remarks were made and the email stated that they would be taking this to the ombudsman in order to sort it. It was agreed to send a reply stating that the comments had been noted.


13. Newsletter

It had been agreed that the newsletter would only be presented three-monthly. Cllr Worley presented a draft copy of the Autumn Hogsthorpe News which was enthusiastically approved. It was requested that the back page give details of the councillors. This publication would be going out as soon as printed. It was noted that the person who had offered to help is to have an operation but her help would be very welcome after recovery.


14. Christmas Village Event Planning

One of the residents of the village is very keen to have a Christmas lights competition throughout the village with a prize for best decorated window and volunteered to organise this. It was also agreed that a free Christmas party be held for the villagers. Village Hal to be asked for free dates.


15. Playpark

A meeting preceded this meeting for which separate minutes are published.


16. Date Of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 6.45 pm at the Village Hall on 2nd October 2019.


17. AOB To Note For Next Meeting

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20 pm