9 December 2020

Minutes Of The Hogsthorpe Parish Council Meeting Held At 6.45pm On Wednesday 9th December 2020 Via Zoom


Present: Cllrs L Wildman (Chairman), M Culley, P Smith (from agenda item 7) M Banks, A Green, T Smith and K Stafford (Clerk)

Public Forum

No members of the public were present at the public forum.


1. Apologies – Cllrs C Davey and P Hibbert-Greaves and Cllr V Worley who has had a family emergency.


2. Declarations Of Interest – None


3. Approval Of Minutes - It was unanimously resolved that the notes of the Meeting of 4th November 2020 be accepted as a true record of the proceedings with the following amendments; date of meeting 4th November, Cllr A Green, not Brown, Cllr V Worley, not Worsley. These were duly signed by the Chairman.


4. Clerk’s Report On Matters Outstanding

At the meeting of the 7th October 2020 the precept was agreed along with the budget. The Clerk apologised for omitting to minute that the precept had been agreed and asked that it could be duly minuted here .


5. To Receive Reports From Outside Bodies & Other Meeting

a) K Stafford reported on the Good Neighbours Scheme intentions to have a Santa run through the village on Christmas Eve and asked if the Parish Council would consider donating £40 towards this. Discussions took place and it was decided by a majority to award the Good Neighbours Scheme with a donation of £40 on the proviso face masks were worn by the volunteers involved.

b) Cllr Banks reported that the Village Hall Committee were not meeting face to face at the moment due to current restrictions.

c) Cllr Banks reported that all meetings for Charity Farm were still cancelled.

d) Cllr Banks informed the meeting that the grants for university/college students and the grants for older people will be with them before Christmas.


6. Correspondence – An e-mail has been received from a Hogsthorpe resident upset that two of the four poppy crosses she had placed on the four war graves in the old cemetery had been damaged by the grasscutting contractor. The Chairman informed the meeting he had already spoken to the Grasscutting Contractor about the matter to try and ensure it did not happen again. It was resolved that the clerk would write a letter of apology to the resident and ask if possible the poppy crosses be raised off the ground.


7. Financial Matters

a. Goodwins Trust for allotment rent £240.77

b. Clerk’s wages for 2 months £809.93

c. Christmas banners £60.00

d. Stones Printers for the Christmas newsletter £196.00

e. Sid Dennis for refuse services £33.06

f. Clerk’s expenses £48.92

Payment of accounts.


8. Planning

a) HillView Park, Skegness Road – Appeal of extension to the season. The Council have previously disagreed with the application and were unanimous in this decision so no further action required.


9. DF11 Speed Camera Indicator

The Chairman informed the meeting the Speed Camera Indicator has now been moved to South End. He also informed the meeting he had still not been able to arrange contact with the local police to discuss the analysis of the High Street readings but would keep trying.


10. Playpark Update

A meeting preceded this meeting for which minutes are published.


11. Drains Report

The clerk confirmed the Drains Report compiled by the Chairman and Cllr Culley has been sent to the LCC Highways Authority.


12. Christmas Events

The Clerk confirmed that the Christmas Lights Competition was being judged by County Councillor Colin Davey and the Chairman on Monday 14th December. The winners would then be announced via a zoom party on Tuesday 15th December in conjunction with the Good Neighbour Scheme competitions.


13. Dates of Meetings for 2021

The meeting dates for the coming year are to be published for the first Wednesday in the month with the exception of January and August. The AGM and Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on Friday 14th May 2020.


14. Date Of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was agreed for 3rd February 2021 at 6.45pm

Cllrs A Green and T Smith questioned whether this meeting was valid due to the agenda not being published 3 clear working days prior to the meeting. The agenda had not been placed on the website prior to the meeting and the Councillors had not received the Agenda until that morning due to technical issues with the Parish Council Laptop. The Clerk confirmed that the Agenda had been displayed on the village noticeboard on 2nd December 2020 so although not ideal the sufficient statutory notice had been given. The Chairman apologised for this but said it was a technical matter.


Meeting closed at 1930