29 July 2020

Minutes of the Hogsthorpe Parish Council Meeting


Held at 3pm on Wednesday 29th July 2020

(in open air outside Playing Field changing rooms)


Present: Cllrs L Wildman (Chairman) E Carter, M Banks, P Smith, B Hornby, A Green, K Hayes (Clerk)


Also present: Dist Cllr Paul Hibbert-Greaves


Public forum


No public forum as members of the public as Covid-19 restrictions only allowed limited numbers.


1. Apologies – Apologies from Cllr Culley, V Worley absent without apologies


2. Declarations of interest – None.


3. Approval of minutes


The Minutes of the meetings of 4th March, 18th March, 6th May and 17th June, having been previously circulated, were approved and signed by the Chairman.


4. Clerk’s report


No current matters outstanding


5. To receive reports from outside bodies & other meeting


a) Cllr Banks reported that all meetings for Charity Farm were cancelled. Reporting on the village hall, she stated that a risk assessment was now in place for Covid-19. They did anticipate problems in expecting the hirers to clean and sanitize after each use but it was not practical to ask the cleaner to undertake this. A grant from Triton Knoll had been received for redecoration.

b) Dist Cllr Paul Hibbert-Greaves reported that all District Council Meetings were being held via Zoom. He also noted that dialogue was now taking place between LCC and ELDC regarding the state of Thames Meadow Drive which had been an ongoing issue for 30 years since the houses were built. Due to a planning error, this road is unadopted and needs to be taken over by LCC Highways.


6. Correspondence


None of note


7. Financial matters


a) The Financial Statement for the period to the end of June showing a balance of £35,766 was approved. It was noted that £1500 was still held for the Good Neighbour Scheme and £2500 for election costs.

b) Approval was given for payments of £26.45 to Sid Dennis for waste disposal, £159.65 to K Hayes for general expenses, £49.98 to V Worley for purchase of signs and £188 to Stone Printers for printing of the newsletter.

c) Cllr Green stated that she did not intend to ask for payment for signs and was thanked for her donation.


8. Planning


a) Hill View Caravan Park – additional 63 caravans, plus extension of season – awaiting further information from Planning Department.

b) Mayfield House, Bracken Lane application for change of use of barn to a holiday cottage. Letter of objection had been forwarded to Planning.


9. Recreation & playing field


Written report submitted (copy attached). Authorisation was given for the purchase of equipment for the changing rooms of £1,000.


10. Date of next meeting


Left in abeyance to see what is happening with Government guidance. If another meeting is needed before a meeting can be held in person, a further Zoom meeting will be arranged as and when required.


11. AOB to note for next meeting


Cllr Banks asked if a reply had been sent to the person enquiring about replacement of a bench in the churchyard. Clerk had net replied but would do so. It was agreed that a bench in recycled material would be appropriate provided it is in a dark wood colour in keeping with the cemetery.


The plaque for Alan and Betty Joyce was considered. DOB and DOD was to be inserted. Wording to be further considered.


The remainder of the meeting was held in closed session and Cllr Hibbert-Greaves left.


The Clerk had given notice to leave no later than 14th October after the 6 monthly accounts were produced. It was decided that the position must be advertised on the notice board, web site and through LALC with applications and CV’s being sent to the clerk by 26th August. It was agreed that the position should be advertised for 8 hrs per week at £10 per hour. KH would put together a full job description ready for any applications being received.


Meeting closed at 7.10 pm