17 June 2020

Minutes of the Hogsthorpe Parish Council meeting


Held at 6pm on Wednesday 17th June 2020 VIA ZOOM


Present: Cllrs L Wildman (Chairman) M Culley, E Carter, M Banks (sound only – comments via Chat Line) B Hornby, A Green, V Worley and K Hayes (Clerk)


Also present: Kerry Stafford (Good Neighbourhood Scheme)


Public forum


No public forum as no members of the public had requested entry to Zoom.


1. Apologies – None – P Smith absent


2. Declarations of interest – None.


3. Confirmation of resolutions from 6TH may meeting


The subjects of Financial Matters and Planning Permission Applications were ratified and approved.


4. Clerks reports


All matters outstanding were on hold until after the end of lockdown and a meeting in person could be held.


5. To receive reports from outside bodies & other meeting


• No meetings of the Charity Farm or Village Hall had been held

• LW reported that a fence had been put up at the end of the Allotments which would deter people entering the allotments should the planning permission for 63 caravans go ahead. Fruit Trees and bushes had been planted in the end allotment (with the permission of the Parish Council) as the ground was unsuitable for anything else.

• Kerry Stafford reported that during the Coronavirus epidemic lockdown she was instrumental in setting up a team of volunteers to help villagers with various tasks whilst they had been isolating. She had also operated a food shop (free to those who could not afford to pay) out of the village hall with donations from suppliers. This had evolved into setting up a Good Neighbour Scheme with the help of Lincolnshire Resilience Forum and Community Lincs for longer term help in the community. This required an outlay of £1000 and Councillor grants had been received of £500 from LCC and £1,000 from ELDC. Part of the setup process has to be a questionnaire to ask the community what they would like and the volunteers have suggested more events for the community. The questionnaire will be hand delivered to every household. She was planning a village event involving wheelbarrow flower displays. At present they are trying to set up a management team of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer so that they can form a constitution and obtain a bank account. The grants funding was currently kept in the PC bank account. She is concerned that some of those who have been self Isolating are suffering from mental health issues.

The Parish Council were thanked for their gift to the group of laptop and computer.

In turn the Parish Council thanked Kerry and her team for all the hard work she had put in during the last several weeks, without which the PC would have been struggling to cope.


6. Correspondence


None of note


7. Financial matters


a) Clerk confirmed the bank balance of £34249 which included £1500 held on behalf of the Good Neighbour Scheme.

b) It was confirmed that approval had been given for payments made during lockdown of £200 to LIVES (donation) £300 drawn for Petty Cash reserve for expenses incurred by volunteers, £12.48 to Sid Dennis for waste disposal, £40 to J.Cooper for Internal Audit feeThs, £416.93 to Came & Company for insurance, £11.97 repaid to L Wildman for dog notices, £250 annual payment to Hogsthorpe


Allotments, £179.95 for printer and £329.99 for computer for volunteer group, and £927.15 and to R Aldrich for grasscutting. The laptop and printer have been donated to the volunteer group.


8. Speeding indicator device


Chairman reported that the SID had been returned as it was faulty. He was waiting for a reply to emails he had sent to the supplier enquiring what the situation was.


9. Planning


a) N/084/00708 Erection of Holiday Cottage – The Holdings, Thames Street had been supported.

b) N/084/00762/20 Display Board at Common Farm – supported

c) N/125/00578/20 15 caravans at Helsey Farm – Full Planning Permission given

d) Hill View Caravan Park – additional 63 caravans, plus extension of season – awaiting further information from Planning Department.


10. Newsletter


Cllr Worley hoped to get a summer newsletter out soon – she required more information for insertions – KS to send information.


11. Recreation & playing field


The concrete in front of the changing rooms has now been completed. All other work, e.g. picnic area, is on hold until after lockdown is finished. Bank account balance stands at £3338 of which £500 councillor grant for picnic area and £130 for stall deposits is reserved. Cheques paid out during lockdown – Ambassador for disabled entrance £1440, £70 repayment of stall deposit money, and £1503 for remainder of concreting. The Summer Fete has been cancelled and stall money returned where asked for. Some had asked that the deposit be over for the next event and two had asked that their deposit be taken as a donation. It was decided that the Car Boot sales could not continue until at least the beginning of August.


12. Date of next meeting


Left in abeyance to see what is happening with Government guidance. If another meeting is needed before a meeting can be held in person, a further Zoom meeting will be arranged as and when required.


13. AOB to note for next meeting




Meeting closed at 7.10 pm