4 March 2020

Hogsthorpe Parish Council

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 4th March 2020  at Hogsthorpe Village Hall.


Prior to the meeting there will be a Public Forum commencing at 6.45 pm. Members of the public and press are welcome. Members of the public may ask questions or make short statements to the Council.

The council meeting will commence at 7.00pm or at the closure of the public forum – whichever is the sooner.

This notice summons all members of the council to attend from 6.45pm or submit their apologies to the clerk at the earliest opportunity.

Signed Kath Hayes Kath Hayes – Clerk to the Council Dated 26th February 2020




1. Apologies


2. Declarations of Interest


3. Approval of notes of last meeting 5th February 2020


4. Clerk’s report on matters outstanding


5. To receive reports from outside bodies and other meetings


6. General correspondence

• Invite to Chapel St Leonards Civic Reception on Sunday 22nd March

• Invite from Skegness Town Council for Volunteers Networking Event


7. Financial Matters

a) Payment of Accounts


8. Highways and Village Maintenance


9. Churchyard matters


10. Planning


11. Newsletter


12. Date and format for Annual General Meeting and Annual Community Meeting


13. To confirm time and date of next meeting – 1st April 2020


14. AOB for note only or next agenda


Please Be Aware That The Meeting Will Be Preceded By The Playpark Committee Meeting At 6.00pm